The Vampire Diaries: The gang’s all here!

Yup, Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) a vampire for sure now.

How good was last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries?  I know some people aren’t fans of the fact that Elena is now a vampire, but let’s be honest, it was bound to happen sometime.  I really appreciate the fact that the writers took the chance and made her a vampire this early in the series.  (Especially if it means we’ll eventually see a Katherine/Elena show down – I know, Katherine is older therefore technically stronger, but Elena has love on her side. . . oh who am I kidding, Katherine would kick her ass.  I still want to see the fight though.)  Last night’s episode proved that this was a really great decision.  Making Elena a vampire has made it necessary to put the love triangle on hold for the moment, has given Damon and Stefan a new way to have the same philosophical disagreement about what it means to be a vampire (Stefan wants to get Elena started on an all-animal diet immediately, Damon thinks she needs vampire food AKA human blood from the vein in order to survive), Caroline is no longer the baby vampire on the block so it gives her a chance to take the lead instead of always being in Elena’s shadow, and it has given Bonnie and Jeremy a chance to make googly eyes at each other again which makes me very happy. Continue reading

Teen Wolf Season 2 finale: Taking things to the next level

Despite improvements, the Werewolf makeup is still kind of silly (Tyler Hoechlin)

I think Teen Wolf may be the perfect summer show.  It’s frothy enough that I don’t really have to think about anything that’s going on, and yet well-produced enough that I’m not super embarrassed to admit that I watch a show called Teen Wolf (ok, maybe I’m still slightly embarrassed).  The first season really surprised me with the way it got under my skin (there were points where I was legitimately scared – because I’m a wimpy scaredy cat – of Uncle Werewolf) but I was still leaving room for the sophomore slump.  This second season was by no means perfect, but it was smarter than the average second season of any show, let alone a teen supernatural drama. Continue reading

The CW 2012-13 Schedule

Ah, the CW.  It’s sort of the also-ran network, isn’t it?  Of course it is also home to my favorite show on TV (The Vampire Diaries) and the former home of my guiltiest pleasure (One Tree Hill).  The CW fits a niche and it usually does it pretty well.  It also ends up making loads of scheduling changes every year because the shows that it goes with tend to be a bit flash in the pan-y.  However, I think they’re making some positive moves for next season.

#1 Killing off Gossip Girl is a total blessing.  The show hasn’t really been good since the kids graduated from high school 2 years ago and lately, it feels like all of the actors are just barely going through the motions of pretending to be other characters.  Plus, Penn Badgley is clearly rebelling against the confines of being on network television by growing his hair into an unruly, ugly mop.

#2 The Wednesday block of Arrow and Supernatural could earn The CW some male eyeballs and that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.  I think the network’s bread and butter is definitely females between 18-34, but I think it’s good of them to branch out a bit.  I have sort of given up on Supernatural this season (the whole Leviathan thing was just confusing and annoying) but the Arrow trailer looks promising so I’ll give it a shot.

#3 Ummm, I don’t really have a third thing.  I’m glad the net kept Hart of Dixie because I think it’s adorable and harmless and might eventually settle into being this generation’s Gilmore Girls.  But really, as long as the CW doesn’t get rid of The Vampire Diaries before it’s time, the net and I are all good.

Check out all of the CW’s new shows here.

The Vampire Diaries Season Finale: Awesome AGAIN!

This post is going to be completely incoherent and I apologize in advance.  I’m still super pumped after last night’s finale of The Vampire Diaries and can’t organize my thoughts so I’m just going to spew them out.

Our first glimpse of vampire Elena (Nina Dobrev)

1. I think it is so so awesome that Elena is a vampire.  We all knew that eventually Elena would have to become one, but I always assumed that it would be a conscious choice that she makes to have either Damon or Stefan turn her.  I didn’t think she’d become one by accident.  Of course, is it by accident?  There is still the possibility that she knew that Meredith was using the vampire blood to heal her brain bleed.  And maybe she made Stefan save Matt because she knew that she had vampire blood in her system, so therefore wouldn’t actually die.  I think it’s really brave of the show to turn Elena now, when the audience isn’t really clamoring for it to happen.  The writers have gotten out in front of the will they/won’t they problem and just done it.  And I think it’s going to make for a really interesting season. Continue reading

The Vampire Diaries: Alaric, the Vampire, Vampire Hunter

I know that Bonnie (Kat Graham) is always saving them, but I blame her inability to stand up to her witchy ancestors for Alaric becoming a Vampire Vampire Hunter.

I seriously could not love The Vampire Diaries more than I do after last night’s episode.  From Klaus’ petulant pouting when Stefan and Damon refused to let him into the Gilbert house to get Elena (how awesome was the escalation of stuff that Klaus was using to throw at them?) to Elena’s discovery of her link to Alaric (if Elena dies, new vampire Alaric dies too) to the Bonnie/Jeremy reunion tour – there wasn’t a false or weak moment in the episode.

Poor Caroline! But at least she got to play some sort of role in the story. (Candice Accola)

As has become habit, the penultimate episode of The Vampire Diaries was chock full of revelations, transformations and exciting goings-on.  All I want to do is relive moments like Stefan and Damon both agreeing to bow out gracefully if Elena chooses the other and the look of pure terror on Caroline’s face as Alaric tortured her with the vervain-laced gag and pencils through her hands – especially at the moment when it looked like he was going to let Elena let her go only to slam the pencils in further.  I was completely on the edge of my seat throughout the episode. Continue reading

Bits and Bobs: TV is still awesome

TV is as good as ever (LOVED the twist on The Vampire Diaries last night that when an original dies their whole bloodline dies with them) but I’ve found that when the TV I love is really good, I have less of a need to blog about it.  Here are a few bits and bobs that I’ve been thinking about anyway:

- Nothing makes me happier than seeing So You Think You Can Dance alum in new projects – last week I pointed out that Alex Wong is in Newsies on broadway (along with Jess LeProtto from season 8 and Evan Kasprzak from season 5), this week it has come to my attention that Kathryn McCormick from Season 6 is starring in Step Up: Revolution out this summer.  Not only that, but Travis Wall is going to be choreographing a few of the dances.  Dude.  This is going to be the best (dance-wise) in the series yet!

- Do you think America is ready for a black Bachelor? If ABC/Mike Fleiss go with Lamar Hurd from Portland, OR I think the answer is ABSOLUTELY!  Check out his audition video in which he comes across as sincere, well-spoken, actually interesting and also adorable!  That smile!  Seriously, ABC.  You should do this.

Show pickups for next season are starting to trickle in from the networks and so far there haven’t been any major surprises.  I’m still holding out hope for a Fringe renewal from Fox though.

- I have finally watched Terriers, the FX series from 2010.  It is awesome.  I still have 1 episode to go but it is so worth checking out on Netflix if you’re looking for a great show.


“The Vampire Diaries” meets the “Friends” opening credits

This mash-up of two of my favorite shows of all time – Friends and The Vampire Diaries - is just too good to resist.  I don’t know about you, but I’d totally watch this sitcom about vampires and their human roommates.  I can’t believe how interminably long this TVD hiatus feels and it’s barely begun.  Enjoy!


The Vampire Diaries: Mother, May I?

Mama Original's spell in action.

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was all about Mama Original’s spell to kill her children – in other words, this show has turned into a comedy (just kidding!).  I’m not sure how clear I am on how the spell works, so I’m going to try to break it down.  Last week, at the ball, Mama Original infused her children’s champagne with Elena’s doppelganger blood, linking their lives together – if one of them was killed, they would all die.

Mama Original with Finn (AKA "creepy lurky guy") in the background.

With her favorite vampire son Finn at her side, Esther got Bonnie and Abby to join her at the house of 100 dead witches and drew a circle with a pentagram inside of it, surrounded by candles.  Her intention was to tap into Bonnie and Abby’s ancestral line of Bennett witches and use their power to augment her own along with the power of the full moon to complete her spell.  However, she was thwarted by Elijah who had confronted Elena about lying to him about his mother’s intentions and kidnapped her in order to get Stefan and Damon to help him stop Esther’s spell.  Elijah seemed particularly pissed when Elena told him she wishes there was something that she could do – I mean, he did stomp a hole in the ground and drag her down into it with him.  Continue reading

The Vampire Diaries – Ball Gowns and Dance Partners

Ah yes. The ever present "Family Tree made with blood"

You know what The Vampire Diaries does so well?  Relationships.  Every single relationship on this show feels well thought out and developed and true.  And every time a new relationship is formed, it feels earned.  Take last night’s episode for example.  We got to see some new relationships move forward and see the bonds of some old relationships tighten.

Awkward! (Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley)

Stefan – Elena – Damon:The writers have done an excellent job of setting up this love triangle.  I don’t know who to root for!  On the one hand, Stefan is Elena’s first love; that means something and she seems so determined to get him back.  On the other hand, Elena has helped Damon change into a better man and clearly cares about her role in his life and doesn’t want to let him go either.  Continue reading

The Vampire Diaries – Mama Original returns and so many tears

Welcome Back, Elijah! (Daniel Gillies)

Remember a few weeks ago when I was complaining about how fast The Vampire Diaries was moving through plot and wished the show would take a deep breath and pause for a moment?  Well, last night, I got what I wished for.  All of our favorite characters seemed to hunker down for the night, but for some reason, it didn’t feel like the action actually paused at all.  It felt like each story was given a little breathing room to hit the audience with a little more impact, but that calmer pace did nothing to compromise the action.  On top of that lovely pace, the actors were really bringing the most to their characters – I am particularly impressed with the way Paul Wesley has been communicating all of Stefan’s conflicting feelings and how Candice Accola has made Caroline so fantastically human despite her vampire powers.  In other words, The Vampire Diaries crew hit it out of the park, again.

Hey, if the CW is going to give us gratuitous shots of Paul Wesley shirtless, why shouldn't I embrace them?

This episode basically breaks down into two parts – Klaus and Elijah vs. Stefan and Damon which includes Bonnie and her mother, Abby, attempting to open the 5th coffin and the mystery of who killed the medical examiner which involves Caroline, Elena, Matt and Alaric.  As much as I love this show, I do find fault in the lack of integration of its story lines.  Somehow it always feels like it is split into different stories that don’t include all of the characters.  I really want to see these plots start to dove-tail into each other so that all of our Mystic Falls heroes are working together toward the same goal like they were at the end of the first season. Continue reading