Dear Susan: Three Weeks of Bachelorette Manipulation in One!

Dear Susan,

Yes, I’m about 3 weeks behind in my recaps and this is going to be a GIANT recap of the last three weeks because of that. But let’s be honest, this season has left much to be desired. The manipulation from the producers has been at an all time high and they’re not even trying to hide it this season and because of that, I haven’t felt even remotely invested in Kaitlyn’s “journey”. Part of the reason I’m having a hard time writing my recaps is that I just don’t care. The other part is that the whole show feels so much more manipulated than usual and I kind of don’t want to give into it. Anyway, here’s what’s gone down the last few weeks. (Also, no pictures because I’m super lazy) Continue reading

Dear Susan: The Bachelorette, our national nightmare, begins again

Dear Susan,

Ok, the title of this post is a bit misleading. Technically, The Bachelorette doesn’t begin until Monday, but I wanted to give you a little primer and make sure you had sufficiently prepared yourself for the next 8-10 weeks of the most. Dramatic. Season. Ever.

Here’s how ABC describes the “unorthodox” first episode shenanigans:

The two stunning women will stand side by side as the limos roll up and 25 handsome men try their best to leave a lasting impression, but in a shocking twist, they’ll also be casting their votes to determine which one of these lovely ladies they will all be competing for over the course of the season.

I hate this so much. This is not completely unprecedented – they did something similar on a season of The Bachelor eons ago before they started cannibalizing previous seasons for contestants, but I didn’t watch that season. I just think it’s so stupid and I think that both Kaitlyn and Britt (but mostly Kaitlyn) deserve better.

As a refresher, here are the lucky ladies vying to actually be The Bachelorette this season.


Continue reading

Dear Susan: The Bachelor National Nightmare is Over

Dear Susan,

This photo represents the utter lack of excitement during this season of The Bachelor.

This photo represents the utter lack of excitement during this season of The Bachelor.

Last week was the “Women Tell All” special. I didn’t recap it for you because a) the women did not tell all – they mostly spent their time crying, complaining about what someone else said, and accepting apologies – which means that it was also b) BORING. I cannot thing of one thing that I would tell you about it so we’ll just move on to last night’s 3 hour finale extravaganza.

Not even all the kissing can make me think this season was interesting.

Not even all the kissing can make me think this season was interesting.

Despite how boring this season has been, I found myself really into last night’s episode. I’ll tell you one thing, The Bachelor editors are pretty good at their jobs. They made Becca, the most on-the-fence person to ever be on this show, seem riveting. However, as I go through my notes, I am realizing that once again, this season with Farmer Chris was just incredibly boring. Continue reading

Random Musings on Summer TV: The Bachelorette, Bunheads, Girls & Veep

I haven't watched a single Teen Wolf episode yet this season. This is totally unacceptable.

Ahhh, summer TV.  So much to love and yet it all feels so much less important than the regular season, doesn’t it?  I’m super behind on my Teen Wolf watching which is extremely disappointing (however I’m flying to Portland this weekend and you better believe I’ll be watching it on the plane), I am still trying to catch up on Game of Thrones (I need to concentrate so much when I watch GoT that I tend to save episodes until I have a good chunk of uninterrupted time to watch), and FX is rerunning all 4 seasons of Sons of Anarchy and despite the fact that I have seen them all at least twice on Netflix, I’m watching again.  But, there have been a few surprises already this summer which makes me very hopeful. Continue reading

TV Headlines: What’s Going on in TV Today?

As summer TV winds down and everyone starts gearing up for the fall premieres (which starts in earnest on September 13th) I might be a little less prolific, but I always have my eye on whats going on in TV Land so here’s a few things I stumbled across today.

Presenters for the 2011 Primetime Creative Emmy Awards were announced.  The taped ceremony will air on REELZ Channel on September 17th at 8pm ET/PT.  [Deadline]

Fox is going to give Breaking In another mid-season shot.  I say, good for them.  I kind of liked that show. [TVLine]

Apparently all of those rumors about Ben Flajnik (Ashley’s reject from The Bachelorette) hooking up with Jennifer Love Hewitt were just that because it’s looking like he’s going to be the next Bachelor.  I am not upset by this; he was totally my favorite.  [EW]

Check out the new promo for season 2 of Nikita.  It looks badass as expected, but I’m super excited for Nikita vs. Alex (sort of a “Spy vs. Spy” kind of thing from the looks of it).  [Fanbolt]

In a move to take Sundays out from under Desperate Housewives, CBS is airing a 30 minute recap special of The Good Wife to help new viewers catch up.  [TV Over Mind]

The Bachelorette posts its lowest ratings ever: What went wrong?

Despite the fact that The Bachelorette has been winning the ratings on Monday nights this season, Ashley Hebert’s season finale was the lowest-rated Bachelorette finale ever and the season tied DeAnna’s season as the lowest rated cycle ever.  I think I know why.

Ashley cries while Bentley tells her he's leaving.

1. Too much emphasis on the drama and not on the love story.  This season felt like torture to watch.  It was torture to watch Ashley cry every week, it was torture to watch Bentley be a manipulative douche and it was torture to watch her become more and more insecure in the decisions she was making.  It just wasn’t any fun.
2. Too much Bentley.  Outside of the last maybe 3 episodes, this whole season was all about Bentley’s manipulation of Ashley.  I think that the producers basically let him hijack the show and that’s not what I signed up to watch.  It doesn’t feel good to watch someone be duped for as long as Ashley was.  Yes, when she finally kicked Bentley to the curb it felt good and triumphant but her poor showing when she tried to explain everything to the guys sort of eliminated any feelings of good will. Continue reading

The Bachelorette Finale: Will Ashley choose the smart choice or the sexy choice?

Ashley, before her happy ending.

It seems like the finale of The Bachelorette always comes down to the same choice: the smart choice (going with your head) or the sexy choice (going with your gut/heart).  Sometimes it’s hard to tell which of the final two is which (although I really can’t think of an example at the moment), this was not one of those times.  Ashley and JP have had a very palpable chemistry since their first one-on-one date whereas her relationship with Ben has been a bit more of a slow burn.  When she talked about JP she used words like passion, romance, and attraction.  When she talked about Ben she used words like comfortable, easy, and fun.  I have always felt that passion burns bright and ends fast whereas fun is something that can be built on, but apparently, Ashley doesn’t agree. Continue reading

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All (About Ashley)

Here are all of Ashley's men (minus one, but he's not really a man so I stand by my original statement).

The Men Tell All specials are all filler.  ALL filler.  They’re a total rehash of what we’ve already seen all season and then a whole lot of time spent by the producers trying to convince us that this show really helps people find love (spoiler alert: it doesn’t).  We also got a sneak peak at the upcoming season of The Bachelor Pad which looks utterly trashtastic.  However, the show did give a few of the guys a chance to redeem themselves and make up for some of their behavior (William) or just convince us that they are even more awesome than we thought they were (Ames). Continue reading

The Bachelorette: And Then There Were Two

I love this color combination on Ashley.

This season of The Bachelorette has been pretty tumultuous.  Ashley has proven herself to be the most insecure and needy bachelorette in the history of the show, the group of guys had some total losers (William) and even bigger assholes (obviously I mean Bentley), and every time one of her relationships started to feel like it was gaining momentum, something dramatic would happen to put the brakes on.  But, we still made it to the fantasy dates with three guys for Ashley to choose from (and one willing to put his whole heart and pride on the line for the chance at one more shot with her) and in the end, I actually feel like we’re getting one of those love stories this show is so fond of telling us we’re getting. Continue reading

The Bachelorette: Hometown dates break a heart

Hometown dates on The Bachelorette are always a big step.  They’re the first time that each bachelor is 100% alone with the bachelorette, they are the first time that outsiders are going to judge the relationship that’s been formed, and they give new insight into each bachelor’s personality and quirks.  Plus introducing a girl to one’s parents seems to be a pretty rare occurrence and everyone’s feeling the pressure.  Ashley’s four hometown dates were all exceedingly pleasant and it was neat to see that all four guys grew up in fairly stable households without divorce (however, Ben’s father passed away a few years ago and Ames lost both his father and step-father to cancer when he was young).  I don’t know why, but that feels unusual in this day and age.

I want her dog.

Anyway, Ashley is excited to see the guys in their comfort zones, but also mentions that she wasn’t completely sure about sending Ryan home last week which has me worried.  She says that she’s really attracted to Ben and thinks that this “journey” has really allowed him to open up.  Of her relationship with Constantine (thing 2), she says that he’s exactly her type physically and the date in Taiwan was the first indication that they could have something.  She says that Ames is one of the most unique guys she’s ever met and that she loves being around him and thinks that Ames could give her a life of spontaneity and adventure.  She says she feels like she’s known JP forever and feels very comfortable with him but wants to be sure that this is very real for both of them.  Also, Ashley has the cutest dog ever!  (Why have we not heard of it before?  Do we think it’s really hers or did the producers decide an adorable little puppy would make her look good?) Continue reading