The Vampire Diaries: Mother, May I?

Mama Original's spell in action.

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was all about Mama Original’s spell to kill her children – in other words, this show has turned into a comedy (just kidding!).  I’m not sure how clear I am on how the spell works, so I’m going to try to break it down.  Last week, at the ball, Mama Original infused her children’s champagne with Elena’s doppelganger blood, linking their lives together – if one of them was killed, they would all die.

Mama Original with Finn (AKA "creepy lurky guy") in the background.

With her favorite vampire son Finn at her side, Esther got Bonnie and Abby to join her at the house of 100 dead witches and drew a circle with a pentagram inside of it, surrounded by candles.  Her intention was to tap into Bonnie and Abby’s ancestral line of Bennett witches and use their power to augment her own along with the power of the full moon to complete her spell.  However, she was thwarted by Elijah who had confronted Elena about lying to him about his mother’s intentions and kidnapped her in order to get Stefan and Damon to help him stop Esther’s spell.  Elijah seemed particularly pissed when Elena told him she wishes there was something that she could do – I mean, he did stomp a hole in the ground and drag her down into it with him.  Continue reading

The Vampire Diaries – Mama Original returns and so many tears

Welcome Back, Elijah! (Daniel Gillies)

Remember a few weeks ago when I was complaining about how fast The Vampire Diaries was moving through plot and wished the show would take a deep breath and pause for a moment?  Well, last night, I got what I wished for.  All of our favorite characters seemed to hunker down for the night, but for some reason, it didn’t feel like the action actually paused at all.  It felt like each story was given a little breathing room to hit the audience with a little more impact, but that calmer pace did nothing to compromise the action.  On top of that lovely pace, the actors were really bringing the most to their characters – I am particularly impressed with the way Paul Wesley has been communicating all of Stefan’s conflicting feelings and how Candice Accola has made Caroline so fantastically human despite her vampire powers.  In other words, The Vampire Diaries crew hit it out of the park, again.

Hey, if the CW is going to give us gratuitous shots of Paul Wesley shirtless, why shouldn't I embrace them?

This episode basically breaks down into two parts – Klaus and Elijah vs. Stefan and Damon which includes Bonnie and her mother, Abby, attempting to open the 5th coffin and the mystery of who killed the medical examiner which involves Caroline, Elena, Matt and Alaric.  As much as I love this show, I do find fault in the lack of integration of its story lines.  Somehow it always feels like it is split into different stories that don’t include all of the characters.  I really want to see these plots start to dove-tail into each other so that all of our Mystic Falls heroes are working together toward the same goal like they were at the end of the first season. Continue reading

The Vampire Diaries: Getting to know Klaus

Elijah wakes up from his dagger induced coma.

Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was more about giving information than actually moving the plot forward.  Here’s a list of what we learned:

-If a vampire wakes up in a house he has not been invited into, he has trouble breathing.  Even an original.

-After saving Elijah (Daniel Gillies) from death by dagger, Elena (Nina Dobrev) gives it back to him to prove he can trust her (which will most certainly turn out to be a mistake).

-Elijah was the one who was in love with Katherine way back in 1492 England before she turned herself into a vampire, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) just wanted to use her for her doppelganger properties.

Damon and his reporter girlfriend. So inconsequential I can't even remember her name.

-Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is still bonking/eating the news reporter.  Not gonna lie, I did not think that would last (Apparently neither did Stefan: “What are you doing?  It’s not a wind up toy.”)

-Alarklaus kept his Klaus action figure in a very large trunk.

-Klaus has to perform the ritual in the birthplace of the doppelganger which means no more remote location Klaus action figure.

-While in Klaus’ possession, Katherine has lost a bit of her pissy, over confidence and gained more of an “I am woman, hear me roar” attitude.  I like it on her.

-Damon’s idea of protecting Elena excludes the protection of anyone, or anything, else.  Including his reporter girlfriend and his newly healed relationship with Stefan.

Klaus and Elijah have a sibling relationship much like Damon and Stefan.

-Elijah and Klaus are brothers.  They are both from the original family, have 5 more siblings waiting in the wings and all vampires stem from their family.

-Elijah and Klaus’ relationship mirrors that of Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon.  One of them is the moony romantic (Elijah/Stefan) the other rejects emotion and enjoys the killing (Klaus/Damon).

Ladies and Gentleman, old-timey Klaus! (Joseph Morgan)

-Klaus invented the “Aztec” curse of the sun and the moon so other vampires would help him track down all the tools he’d need to reverse it (moonstone, doppelganger, etc).  The real curse was placed only on Klaus because he and Elijah do not have the same father.  Klaus’ biological father was a werewolf who Elijah’s father killed after finding out about the affair, starting a war between the two clans.  So, Klaus has both vampire and werewolf running in his veins.  The witches did not want a super-being like that running around so they put a spell on him to keep his werewolf side dormant.  Klaus is looking for a way to break that spell and wake his other half in order to sire his own army of super beings.

I would totally get drunk with Katherine.

-Bored, drunk Katherine is super fun looking.

-Jenna finally knows about the existence of vampires and seems none too pleased about being the last to find out.

-Because Klaus has both vampire and werewolf blood and instincts the dagger and ash that can kill the other originals cannot kill him.  Only a witch can do that on a full moon when he’s in transition and at his most vulnerable.

-Back when Klaus wanted to use Katherine for his spell, Elijah found a way to save the doppelganger during the ritual.

New-timey Klaus has a much better look than old-timey Klaus.

-We don’t know what happens to Alaric (Matthew Davis) after Klaus’ spirit repossesses his own body, but he collapses to the floor which can’t be good.

-Klaus looks much better with a haircut.  That 1492 look was not good on him.

Other moments of note: Stefan finally got some balls and gave Alarklaus a little beat down after he had taunted Jenna (Sara Canning) a bit too far;  Damon tracked Katherine to Alaric’s apartment and though she couldn’t leave because of Alarklaus’ compulsion, Damon gave her some vervain so that she could resist more

Stefan FINALLY takes action against Alarklaus.

compulsions in the future;  After Stefan and Damon finally start to have it out over Damon’s love for Elena, Stefan gives in to Elijah’s demand for an apology but Damon doesn’t.  When he gets back to his room, the news reporter is there and he warns her that he’s upset and asks her to leave.  She insists on staying and he attacks her but stops himself before he really kills her and compels her to leave.  He seems really disturbed by the whole thing which is an interesting turn of events for a vampire who has done all he can to keep those emotions at arms length.

The Vampire Diaries: This show is so awesome you guys.

The Vampire Diaries is so bad-ass.

Let’s just say it up front: The Vampire Diaries seems to be changing the rules of TV right before our eyes.  On every other teen drama, plots like what happened last night would be stretched over weeks, not one commercial break.  The audience would be begging for a resolution instead of simply waiting with baited breath.  The characters would have needlessly kept so many secrets from one another that they could barely remember what were lies and what was the truth.  And eventually, the story line would end with a whimper instead of an emotional bang.  Not this show.  On The Vampire Diaries, the information comes fast and furious and although, at times, it can be hard to remember who knows what, the writers have started solving that issue by finally bringing Matt and the sheriff into the know (if not the fold just yet). Continue reading

The Vampire Diaries: VampireMommy Bites the Dust


(Vampire) Mommy dearest (Mia Kirshner) returns, much to Aunt Jenna's (Sara Canning) surprise

I am so glad The Vampire Diaries is back.  How I’ve missed its twisty turny ways!  We picked up right where we left off six weeks ago with Isobel on Elena’s doorstep promising to protect her.  I found Jenna’s freak out to be a little much, but that might just be because the intensity of her disillusionment had dissipated over the hiatus.  Meanwhile, Katherine was still trying to convince the Salvatore brothers that she was helping them to protect Elena because that’s what would most help her: ”I know that I want Klaus dead.  Which puts me squarely on team you.”  It turns out, not so much.  She met up with Isobel at one of her fancy foreclosed safe houses and promptly switched sides.

I love how Nina Dobrev's physicality changes when she's playing Katherine (as in this photo).

Damon and Stefan stupidly left Katherine alone in the house (especially stupid considering what Damon had just told her: “Don’t mistake the fact that we haven’t set yourself on fire in your sleep for trust.”) which allowed her to find the moonstone (hiding in plain sight in a bowl of fancy soaps in Damon’s bathroom).  Isobel led a warlock guy to Alaric where she first apologized to him and admitted that she really did love him (really?  I’m not sure I believed that.  It may have been Mia Kirshner’s delivery, but her words felt really lifeless to me) then she let the warlock do his witchy head trick on Alaric and take him away.  At this point I was a little unsure about what Isobel was up to.  She clearly wasn’t out to protect Elena like she claimed, but I couldn’t tell if she was actually on Katherine’s side or just working to protect herself.  The warlock seemed to be under Isobel’s thumb, but I was still holding out hope that she wouldn’t turn out to be a soulless vampire (I know, I know.  She is a soulless vampire.  But Damon and Stefan have managed to make the whole soulless vampire thing work in conjunction with compassion.  I was sort of hoping Isobel could too). Continue reading