Dear Susan: The Bachelorette is an exercise in patience

This is how I feel about the continued use of the B.S. non-rose ceremony episode endings.

This is how I feel about the continued use of the B.S. non-rose ceremony episode endings.

Dear Susan,

This blog is becoming a litany of complaints about cliffhanger endings because here we are again and not only are we recovering from last week’s cliffhanger waiting for Nick to arrive at the guys’ hotel suite, but we are left with ANOTHER effing cliffhanger and ANOTHER week without a rose ceremony. The cliffhanger ending is an editing trick designed to keep viewers coming back for more. Typically, it is used sparingly during a season, but not on The Bachelorette. So far this season, only ONE episode has ended without a cliffhanger – the second episode. And it’s becoming tedious. I don’t think it works for this franchise. It makes me angry and frustrated and leaves me very unsatisfied (just like every man I’ve ever encountered, natch). Continue reading

Project Runway: All Stars – Stop sending designers home. I like them!

How can you send someone like Rami home? He looks so happy!

I’ve been watching Project Runway: All Stars for the last few weeks and wondering why it’s not quite as enjoyable as Project Runway: Original Flavor.  Last night it hit me: I like the contestants too much.  I know them from their previous seasons and I know that they are talented and deserving of the spotlight and I don’t like to see them being torn down by the judges.  Every week when it gets down to the bottom two designers, I’m always hoping that Angela is going to tell them that they get a free pass and no one is going home.  EVERY WEEK!  I don’t want to see anyone actually lose and it’s no fun watching when someone eventually does. Continue reading

Against The Wall abuses TV clichés in its season finale

Abby (Rachael Carpani) with Bachelor #1, Brody (Andrew W. Walker)

I have been secretly watching Lifetime’s Against the Wall all season and the worst part is, I haven’t been hating it as much as I thought I would.  If you haven’t been watching (and from the numbers, most of you haven’t been) it’s about a woman in a cop family who gets a job as a detective in Internal Affairs (which is apparently a huge betrayal to other cops).  I really like the “Internal Affairs from the inside” angle and wish the show played it up in ways other than “such-and-such cop is pissed because IA is investigating him” and “cops investigating cops is wrong”.  I don’t know, the show has the opportunity to be a little different in its cases, but all of them end up feeling the same as what you’d get on Law & Order. Continue reading

Project Runway: ANOTHER team challenge (BOO!)

Team Nuts and Bolts

Ugh, another Project Runway team challenge however in this situation there’s no leader.  Team Chaos consists of Anthony, Anya, Viktor, Olivier, and Bryce.  Team Nuts and Bolts is Josh, Laura, Kimberly, Becky and Bert (THAT team is a recipe for disaster).  There’s a lot to this challenge: creating their own print, a video backdrop and music for the runway show.  I loved the print challenge last year, but I think it sucks that they have to create the prints as a team.  The worst part about it is they only have two days to do all of this and come up with a cohesive collection and pulled together runway show. Continue reading

Project Runway: Mean Guys Finish First

The designers race for the team captain title

The designers join Heidi and Tim at the New Balance track and field center at the Armory dressed in head to to NB gear (wait, who sponsored this episode?  I don’t think they said the name of the brand enough, do you?).  They learn that they are going to work in teams of three to each create a look to go with Heidi’s New Balance sneakers using denim, suede or both.  The winning look will be sold as part of Heidi’s line on Amazon.  They did this challenge last season and the results were awesome.  The designers raced around the track to determine team captains: Joshua M., Bryce, Anthony and Viktor won the foot-race and got to choose their teams.  Oh, and Cecilia quit the competition (which allowed Josh C. to return), Bert was a total grump, and Olivier worked himself into a panic attack.  All in all, the first few moments of this episode were pretty packed!  They only have like 8 hours for this challenge.  I miss the two day challenges.  Those were always fun and always had more successful designers. Continue reading

Project Runway: Nina Garcia rules the runway with an iron fist

Tim and Nina survey the designs in progress (how adorable is Nina Garcia in this photo!?!?)

This week’s Project Runway challenge is to design a day/night look for Nina Garcia and deal with all of her various demands: no pleats, no loud patterns or colors, no voluminous silhouettes, the list goes on.  The award for this challenge is not only immunity but being featured on a taxi cab ad.  The designers have 30 minutes to sketch and then they’ll consult with Nina about their designs.  It’s interesting to see how Nina’s restrictions affect each designer.  Anya’s worried about Nina’s muted palette and in turn Nina is worried about Anya’s ability to sew her design.  Man, Nina is super intimidating.  She’s extremely direct and has that ability to tell the designers what she wants and make them think it’s their idea.  At Mood, Anya decides to go with her gut and chooses a bright print, Danielle winds up with a kelly green instead of the olive color she was looking for, Anthony and Becky ended up choosing the same fabric and Cecilia is kind of running around in circles which could spell trouble for her design. Continue reading

Project Runway: A Parade of Stilt Walkers

This has to be one of the weirdest runway shows ever.

Heidi announces this week’s Project Runway challenge while walking on stilts which is pretty impressive.  The models are also rocking the stilts (and freaking out the designers in the process).  The challenge is to create a look for stilt walkers in teams of two.  Teams are: Burt/Viktor (who’s not happy about this pairing); Anthony/Laura; Joshua/Julie; Danielle/Cecilia; Anya/Olivier; Kimberly/Becky; Bryce/Fallene (who are both very worried since neither of them have had a very successful run yet).  The runway show will be outside in front of the press and everyone which is kind of fun.  Tim makes a good point that this is like a fashion illustration come to life, but then he drops the hammer that they only have one day to create their look.  Bert is taking all of Viktor’s suggestions very literally which is kind of annoying.  Who cares if Viktor doesn’t know the difference between Victorian and Elizabethan?  The references are clear.  Tim puts a lot of pressure on Olivier and Anya, calling them the “dream team”. Continue reading

Project Runway: The designers make good use of wee-wee pads

Is it just me, or is this a more mottly crew of designers than we've had in the past?

The challenge on this week’s episode of Project Runway is to make an outfit for their models out of supplies purchased at a pet store.  Tim makes it very clear that the judges will be unimpressed if the designers just repurpose fabric into a new design.  I love these unconventional challenges because they really bring out the designers’ imaginations and everyone is getting super stressed which makes the show far more interesting to watch.  So far Laura and Olivier are bugging the sh*t out of me.  Laura’s “look at me, I grew up rich, I know what high-end is” attitude is just elitist and obnoxious.  I want to like Olivier more, but he lived in Ohio until he was 16 and yet he has a weird British accent that just sounds fake and put on.  As for the other designers, after loving Bert last week, I’m a bit disappointed that he is relying so heavily on his immunity to get past this challenge, I think that Anthony just might have the personality/talent combo to make it far in this competition and I think Fallene is going to come apart at the seams fairly quickly.

Tim Gunn: way too dapper to be standing in front of Petland.

I love that Tim giggled every time he says “wee wee pads” (which many of the designers are using as the base of their ensembles) during his consultations.  He comes away hugely impressed, but I’m a little nervous for some of them – specifically Bert (who is making what appears to be a garbage bag dress) and Julie who is using dog food bags, that aren’t very malleable, to create her dress.  Josh was nervous because his outfit didn’t require any glue (meaning, he was worried it was a little safe), but some of the ensembles just look nuts and I think that while the judges love when the contestants use unconventional materials, they do take taste into consideration no matter what the clothes are made of.

RUNWAY!  (Guest judge = Stacy Bendet from Alice + Olivia) Continue reading

Upcoming Summer TV Premieres: White Collar, Pretty Little Liars and more!

Even in a suit and tie, Matt Bomer looks laid back and relaxed. Perfect for summer viewing.

Happy June everyone!  Now that the regular TV season has officially ended, it’s time for the summer season to start.  What used to be a dumping ground for lame game shows, reruns and burning off episodes of previously cancelled shows, is now a time for lighthearted capers, silly tween dramas, and well, lame game shows.  I actually look forward to summer TV these days which wasn’t the case while I was growing up (thank god.  Lord knows I probably wouldn’t have seen the outdoors as much as I did).  It is a nice respite after all of the serious dramas and the comedies that require me to use my brain most of the time in order to get the jokes.  Give me White Collar and Pretty Little Liars, shows I can float through.  There is nothing too demanding about a summer TV show, and that’s a good thing.  Here are the shows (new and old) I’m most looking forward to this summer. Continue reading

Shameless Season Finale Plus The Amazing Race and Army Wives

Frank is an idiot.


Shameless (Showtime) – I don’t know how I feel about the Shameless season finale.  I’m glad that Fiona (the consistently fierce Emmy Rossum) left Steve (Justin Chatwin, adorable even with a black eye) standing alone at the airport instead of leaving the kids and going with him to Costa Rica, but I’m still weary of Jasmine (she’s just too nice to be for real) and worry that by staying behind, Fiona is only going to end up more miserable.  The way that Tony got Lip and Ian out of jail for stealing a car last week was just too easy and was one of the more false notes of the season (although it may have been worth it to hear the enthusiasm in his voice when he agreed to take Steve’s house in return for letting Lip and Ian out of jail – which he had already done – “I think I might have just found a way to move out of my mom’s basement!”).  Of course, nothing really compares to Karen’s descent into self-destruction.  Having sex with Frank last week and then posting the video for everyone to see was truly sad to watch (as was Eddie’s subsequent suicide).  I’m certainly not one to pity Frank (William H. Macy, walking the line between totally despicable and hard not to root for) for any situation he might get himself into, but what Karen did to him seemed particularly cruel.  He absolutely deserved the beating that Lip gave him and I liked that Lip urinated on him instead of accepting his apology, but this was the first instance in which Frank was not solely responsible for the consequences he faced.  I wish we had seen more of Kev and Veronica as well as Ian in this final episode, but I guess that’s what next season’s for.  In the end, it sort of felt like no one really moved forward or changed (except for Sheila who was now able to take 13 steps out her front door) and that was really disappointing.  I know that things happen more slowly on TV, and that’s one of the things that I love about it, but up until the finale, Shameless had been moving at a pretty quick pace so the fact that everyone pretty much ended the season where they started was sort of a bummer.  I have to give a special shout out to Emmy Rossum for completely winning me over.  For a freshman season, this was pretty successful and I really enjoyed it.  I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what trouble the Gallaghers get themselves into next year and the equally amusing ways they find to get out of it. Continue reading