The Big C: Hereafter – Ruminations on the truth & consequences of death

the-big-c-hereafter-3The Big C is a tough show.  It’s always been a tough show.  It is a show about a woman with cancer learning to live her life through that lens.  People die on this show.  Not because of something supernatural or even un-natural (such as murder), but because they get sick and they die.  That is heavy, heavy stuff.  That the show was able to explore all of this heavy stuff with a sense of humor (gallows humor most of the time, but still) is miraculous and beautiful.  But this latest installment, The Big C: Hereafter – what Showtime is calling a “limited series event” – is something else entirely.  Because it’s not about a woman living with cancer, it is about a woman actively dying of cancer.  And it is sad.  And it is stunning.  And it is compassionate.  And I believe that it is some of the most revolutionary television I’ve ever seen. Continue reading

Upcoming Summer TV Premieres: White Collar, Pretty Little Liars and more!

Even in a suit and tie, Matt Bomer looks laid back and relaxed. Perfect for summer viewing.

Happy June everyone!  Now that the regular TV season has officially ended, it’s time for the summer season to start.  What used to be a dumping ground for lame game shows, reruns and burning off episodes of previously cancelled shows, is now a time for lighthearted capers, silly tween dramas, and well, lame game shows.  I actually look forward to summer TV these days which wasn’t the case while I was growing up (thank god.  Lord knows I probably wouldn’t have seen the outdoors as much as I did).  It is a nice respite after all of the serious dramas and the comedies that require me to use my brain most of the time in order to get the jokes.  Give me White Collar and Pretty Little Liars, shows I can float through.  There is nothing too demanding about a summer TV show, and that’s a good thing.  Here are the shows (new and old) I’m most looking forward to this summer. Continue reading

Golden Globe Nominations – Best Actor/Actress in a Musical or Comedy

Alec Baldwin & Tina Fey from 30 Rock

Best Actor – Musical or Comedy

Alec Baldwin – 30 Rock

Steve Carell – The Office

Thomas Jane – Hung

Matthew Morrison – Glee

Jim Parsons – The Big Bang Theory

Here’s the thing about comedy – it’s hard to do and even harder to do well.  I don’t watch Hung or The Big Bang Theory. I tried watching Hung when it first started, but I found it a bit too distasteful and also a little boring.   I just never got into The Big Bang Theory which, from what I hear, is too bad.  Apparently Jim Parsons is really good.  So taking Thomas Jane and Jim Parsons out of judgement, I am throwing my support behind Alec Baldwin.  The Office is a dying show that has had moments of humor this season, but I have felt like Steve Carell was sort of sleepwalking through it and relying on the audience’s good will to carry him through.  But he wasn’t actually that funny.  Matthew Morrison is great on Glee, but I never really think of him as funny.  He is the heart of the show, but he’s not the funny.  Alec Baldwin is the funny on 30 Rock (well, he’s a big part of it.  I don’t want to give him all the credit).  What’s interesting about his performance is that just when I feel like he’s phoning it in, he takes it one notch further and just intensifies the humor.

Best Actress – Musical or Comedy

Toni Collette – United States of Tara

Edie Falco – Nurse Jackie

Tina Fey – 30 Rock

Laura Linney – The Big C

Lea Michele – Glee

Oy.  I think this category is kind of a mess.  I understand that The Big C, Nurse Jackie, and The United States of Tara are all 30 minute shows, but I don’t know that I would really qualify them as comedies.  I mean, Nurse Jackie is about a pill-popping adulterous nurse.  Edie Falco is amazing on that show, but it’s not really a laugh a minute.  The Big C and The United States of Tara have a bit more comedic elements than Nurse Jackie but still, they’re pretty much dramas for the most part.  Apparently every TV awards committee disagrees with me as these Falco and Colette have been nominated (and won) in the comedy category since the beginning of their shows and it looks like Linney is about to do the same.  They’re all fantastic actresses and fantastic in their respective roles (and if I have to choose a winner from these 3, Linney’s my pick), but I just don’t think their roles are comedic enough.

I think Lea Michele does a great job with what she’s given on Glee and is actually really funny, however her character has become a bit harsh and far more unlikable this season.  The thing about the Globes is that they do like to award young, new talent which would make Michele a great candidate for the win, but not my pick.  My pick is Tina Fey.  She is my comedic idol because she’s not only a talented performer, but she is a great writer and has done so much to promote the role of women in comedies.  Yes, it can be a little exhausting to see the same actress win all of the awards all the time, when you’re as good as Tina Fey, you sort of deserve it.

The Golden Globes will air on NBC on Sunday January 16, 2011 at 5pm (PST)/ 8pm (EST)

Thanksgiving for TV

I am grateful for:

1. The gratuitous shirtlessness on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

2. Kyra Sedgewick, Glenn Close, Laura Linney, Mary Louise Parker et al for paving the road for talented actresses to the great roles awaiting them on the small screen.

3. Josh Schwartz for creating two of my favorite TV shows airing now: “Gossip Girl” and “Chuck”; my favorite female character, Blair Waldorf; and not letting Chuck’s relationship with Sarah kill either their chemistry or the show.  Also a belated thanks for “The O.C.”

4. Cat Deeley’s enthusiasm and intonation on “So You Think You Can Dance”.

5. “Modern Family” for helping me convince my dad that just because it’s on TV doesn’t mean it must be crap. Continue reading