Dear Susan: The Bachelorette, Brawls & Bragging

Kaitlyn's Men.

Kaitlyn’s Men.

Dear Susan.

The first three or so episodes of any Bachelor or Bachelorette season are always a bit overwhelming. There are too many guys who we know are going to be weeded out before we learn anything about them, the Bachelorette is trying to be nice to everyone, and the group dates are just torturous. This season doesn’t look to be too different (although we’re already¬†seeing a spunk in Kaitlyn that other Bachelorettes have not possessed).

Are you gonna be my girl?

Are you gonna be my girl?

Before we get into Kaitlyn’s journey, let’s wrap up Britt’s. As you’ll recall last week Brady got the producers to drive him to Britt’s hotel room and was just about to knock on her door. She opened it, acted surprised, they dated for a week and then he asked her to be “his girl”. And now they’re in love. Done. (I don’t know why the producers don’t just do that for every season of this show. There’s clearly no need for 8 weeks of bullshit.)

Back to Kaitlyn.

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