Dear Susan: The Bachelorette is all about the drama

Dear Susan,

I feel you, Kaitlyn.

I feel you, Kaitlyn.

This season of The Bachelorette is a mess. And not in a good way. For the 4th week in a row, tonight’s episode did not end with a rose ceremony, the previous week’s rose ceremony was overshadowed by Kaitlyn kicking out another guy, the dates were overshadowed by one man’s presence and no one is standing out as a match to Kaitlyn. I don’t know if the producers feel that these beginning weeks are too boring because there are so many guys to whittle down, but they are putting too much into the excess drama that doesn’t make me like anyone (including Kaitlyn) and not enough into showing us the romance and cheesiness the audience has come to look forward to.

Things did not end well between Clint & JJ.

Things did not end well between Clint & JJ.

So, last week we left with Kaitlyn walking outside to give Clint the ol’ heave ho. She does so in quick fashion, realizing that she doesn’t trust him and gratefully acknowledging all of the bullshit he is spewing (even when trying to defend himself, Clint talks more about how close he and JJ have gotten than how much he likes Kaitlyn and wants to see where their relationship could go). When they get back inside and Kaitlyn gives him the chance to say good-bye to the rest of the guys, JJ totally throws Clint under the bus and asks him to apologize to everyone for wasting their precious time with Kaitlyn.

Don't cry JJ. New York City is fun!

Don’t cry JJ. New York City is fun!

This does not go over well with Clint, their bromance ends in dramatic fashion and JJ ends up hitting himself with his back to the camera to try to get himself to stop crying (this is a HUGE red flag of the weirdness to come. I can feel it). When Chris Harrison comes out to tell Kaitlyn that it’s time to hand out the roses, she decides to keep everyone who’s still there around for another week. So we go from 15 guys to 14 guys and they’re all leaving the house and heading out for their trip around the world. First stop: New York City!

I am hopeful going into this NYC leg of the show that things are going to calm down and even out and Kaitlyn will go back to the episode structure of Group Date, One-On-One, Group Date, Rose Ceremony, but no such luck.

At least the graphics department got their shit together!

At least the graphics department got their shit together!

Group Date: Tanner, JJ, Corey (who?), Jonathan, Shawn, Ben Z., Ryan, Justin

The date starts off kind of great. The guysl write little raps with the help of DOUG E. FRESH for a rap battle exhibition (much like with the boxing and sumo exhibitions, it is stupid, but at least no one looks like they’re going to go to the hospital). Everything is light hearted and fun. The guys get the chance to call each other out on the little things that bother them (Shawn calls out Justin for his cheesy 90’s boy band hair, Tanner says something about Ben Z’s large stature covering for a small weiner). JJ says something about NYC hoes and the audience, full of NYC women, is not impressed. In fact, they boo him and it is awesome. Kaitlyn wins the night with this quote: “I don’t think there’s ever been a rap battle with 2 guys in khaki pants.”

Simpler times with Kaitlyn & Doug E. Fresh

Simpler times with Kaitlyn & Doug E. Fresh

It’s after the exhibition that things go to shit. Kaitlyn spots Ashley (the dark haired virgin) from her season on The Bachelor and goes over to say hi. But Ashley isn’t the only former contestant who has visited the date. Nick, the runner up from Andie’s season, is also there. Turns out, Kaitlyn and Nick had been corresponding a bit on social media and he’s flown to NYC to see if their connection exists in real life too. I liked Nick during The Bachelorette with Andie, but he called her out during the After the Final Rose for sleeping with him in the fantasy suite and kind of grossed me out after that. This move only seems to enhance that opinion. Kaitlyn is confused and thinking about bringing him on to see where things go with him. When she gets to the date cocktail party and tells the guys what she’s thinking, they’re none too happy about it. She meets Nick outside and makes out with him – leaving the rest of the guys to stew and wasting the entire date cocktail party. There’s much hemming and hawing, but in the end, she decides to keep Nick around.

I actually thought Ashley was great on Chris' season of The Bachelor. Totally off her rocker, but extremely entertaining.

I actually thought Ashley was great on Chris’ season of The Bachelor. Totally off her rocker, but extremely entertaining.

One of the only good parts of this episode came when Kaitlyn went to get her hair done for her date with Jared, before she had made her decision to bring Nick on (well, they said it was before the decision, but her hair is clearly not done when she meets up with Nick). Her hairdresser was crazy-eyed Ashley (also from Chris’ season of The Bachelor) and it’s clear that Kaitlyn really needed a girlfriend to talk to. Although, she doesn’t really help matters because Kaitlyn doesn’t listen to her at all when she says that she probably shouldn’t bring back Nick. But I always think the hardest part of being The Bachelorette would be not having any girlfriends to talk to so I think it’s a good thing that she at least got a chance to have some of that support.

Now that's a clean-shaven face I can get behind!

Now that’s a clean-shaven face I can get behind!

One-On-One: Jared

Jared has finally shaved! And he looks goooooooood!! He and Kaitlyn go on a date to the Metropolitan Museum of Art after hours and it goes really well. He is sweet and supportive and when she asks him what he thinks about her brining Nick into the mix, he says that he has full confidence in their connection and that another guy can’t really take that away – which is a good answer. The date is fairly romantic and seems to take her mind off of her situation with Nick, if only for a moment.

Joshua, Ian, Ben H., Chris "Cupcake", &  Joe (l to r) are put through their paces on the Aladdin date.

Joshua, Ian, Ben H., Chris “Cupcake”, & Joe (l to r) are put through their paces on the Aladdin date.

Group Date: Ian, Ben H., Chris (Cupcake), Joshua, Joe

This was another date with a lot of potential that just fell flat because of all of the bullshit Nick talk. Kaitlyn takes the guys to the broadway theater for Aladdin and they do a mock audition which is pretty amusing. You can tell that Kaitlyn is pretty distracted and she doesn’t seem all that into any of these guys. The Assistant Director and lead actors choose Chris as the winner of the audition and he and Kaitlyn get a mini walk-on role during that night’s performance while the rest of the group date participants get sent back to the hotel. There is absolutely zero chemistry between them, but Chris is doing his best.

Best not let them see you sweat Nick!

Best not let them see you sweat Nick!

Back at the hotel, the rest of the guys moan and groan over Kaitlyn’s decision to bring Nick into the fray. There’s a lot of whining and posturing with Joshua in particular getting riled up (which is a little bit of a surprise considering how mild mannered he’s been up to this point). The episode ends with Nick walking into the hotel room meaning we have one more week without a rose ceremony.

I really liked the sweater Kaitlyn wore to the cocktail party after the rap battle.

I really liked the sweater Kaitlyn wore to the cocktail party after the rap battle.

I like Kaitlyn. I think she’s spunky and fun and light hearted. But I’m also starting to think that maybe she’s too immature for this show. Either that or the two Bachelorette format that kicked off this season has thrown everything into a tailspin and the whole show is just becoming drama upon drama upon drama and not in a fun, romantic way. There’s a possibility that Nick will get sent home during the next rose ceremony, but I think he sticks around at least through the next dates.

Ugh. I feel so unsettled without a rose ceremony to close the episode. It’s like everything is just hanging out there, unfinished. I hope that this season evens out a little eventually, but I’m quickly losing faith that Kaitlyn finds a lasting connection with anyone because she doesn’t seem to really want to at this point.




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