Sorting through the DVR: Animal Practice, Emily Owens M.D. bite the dust; Last Resort & Nashville get a season pass

Why can’t you be on a GOOD show? (Jordana Spiro & Zach Gilford)

Today NBC officially cancelled Animal Practice, but I cut it out of my DVR schedule two weeks ago.  Not only was it painfully not funny, but it was making me start to dislike two actors whom I normally like very much: JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Justin Kirk.  They deserve better.  Over the years I’ve learned the difference between giving new shows a chance and watching them despite the fact that I hate them.  So, after one episode Made in Jersey got the boot (both on my personal DVR and the CBS schedule) because it was just atrocious.  I tried to stick with Mob Doctor (another show that I was watching mostly due to the likability of Jordana Spiro and Zach Gilford) but after three episodes of crappy mob stories combined with even crappier cases of the week, I just couldn’t anymore.  Other shows that were swings and misses for me: 666 Park Avenue (which I found SO boring and slow), Emily Owens M.D. (which makes me so sad because Mamie Gummer is so great whenever she guests on The Good Wife but this show is no good), Revolution (which may have suffered for not having ANY actors that I wanted to watch and definitely suffered under the weight of Tracy Spiridakos’ bad acting) and (though I’m still watching because I’m pretty convinced it’s going to be canceled sooner rather than later and I want to get all the man-candy in while I can) Chicago Fire is just a glorified rip off of Third Watch which wasn’t great to begin with.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Last Resort stars Scott Speedman, but that’s only a bonus. (with Camille de Pazzis)

But it hasn’t been all bad news this season.  I’m absolutely loving Last Resort.  It was the best pilot of the season and engages me more and more every week.  I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I’m enjoying Arrow (I never watched Smallville and the superhero genre usually isn’t my thing) and while I think that Beauty and the Beast may totally crash for me in another week or two, I kind of liked the pilot so I’ll continue to watch.  Last night’s episode of Nashville has me fully on board – I was a little concerned that my dislike of Hayden Panettiere would cloud my enjoyment. As for comedies, I’m still really enjoying the dynamics on Ben & Kate and have found myself kind of digging the old-school rhythms of Partners (that Jim Burrows knows what he’s doing) but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to tolerate a show with so little depth.  I’m still on the fence about The New Normal.  I will probably continue to watch because I think it’s a conversation I want to be able to participate in, but I’m just not seeing the cast gel or feeling the chemistry that I want to feel which makes the whole thing feel very forced and not funny.

There are only about 10 episodes left of Fringe. This makes me extremely sad – especially because this season has been so great so far. (Anna Torv, Georgina Haig & Joshua Jackson)

Overall, this season was kind of middle of the road for me.  I’m not sure if it’s just because I already have so many returning favorites (YAY Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Parks and Recreation and Sons of Anarchy) or if I just have less tolerance for shows that I watch more out of habit than anything else (I found myself getting rid of The Voice and The Amazing Race after the episodes started piling up and I realized I was ok with skipping them).  Outside of Last Resort and maybe Nashville, I don’t really see any of the new shows climbing the ranks of my personal must see TV list, but the season’s still early.  Things could change.

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