How I Met Your Mother: Ok, you got me.

The Marshall (Jason Segal) plot was a total waste last night.

You got me, How I Met Your Mother, you totally got me.  When last night’s episode opened with Robin telling a story to two teenagers about how she met their father (can we please note that apparently, Cobie Smulders’ voice sounds both young and old while Josh Radnor needs Bob Saget to narrate for the older Ted?) I was convinced that the writers had completely ruined Barney and Robin by making them a couple yet again.  I will admit that my opinion may be unpopular, but I just don’t get them as a romantic couple.  Friends?  Yes, absolutely.  They are awesome together.  They feed off each other perfectly, but neither one of them is particularly good at being in a relationship and I think that hurts them as a couple.  I also think that it limits the group as a whole when Ted is the odd man out romantically (can we please get back to his search for the mother?).  It’s better when Robin and/or Barney are on the sidelines, ragging on Ted’s romanticism.  Their cynicism brings some much needed balance to the schmoopiness of Marshall and Lily and without it the show would be way too sweet. Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother adds Ugly Betty Alum

Welcome back Becki!

I don’t usually comment on casting news, and even this comment is going to be brief, but I am super excited that Becki Newton is guesting on How I Met Your Mother starting in January.  I LOVE her.  I sat through every episode of Love Bites just hoping to get a glimpse of her!  And I think she’ll fit right into the How I Met Your Mother cast.  HOWEVER, and it’s a pretty big however, I do not like that she is paired with Barney (the TVLine article says she’s playing a “potential” love interest for Barney, but I think we can safely assume they will become an item).  I admit that Newton can play totally bananas which will work well with Neil Patrick Harris’ style, but I wish she was paired with Ted – I think she’s feisty and interesting and beautiful enough for him and yet can play down-to-earth as well.  She should really be the mother.  Is it too late for the producers to change their minds?

How I Met Your Mother: Everything’s better with slapping

The gang plays in hurricane Irene.

How I Met Your Motherdoes the call-back better than almost any sitcom out there.  They establish something and then years later they bring it back in a context that is just as funny as the original (if not more so).  One of their best call-backs to date is the “Slap Bet”.  The slap bet originated in season 2 when Ted and Robin were dating.  Ted discovers that Robin has a fear of the mall and when she refuses to tell him why, Barney decides to get to the bottom of it.  Barney bets Marshall that Robin’s fear stems from shooting a porn movie in a mall and Marshall bets him that Robin got married in a mall; the winner of the bet gets to slap the loser. Continue reading

So You Think You Can Dance: Enter The All Stars (Top 10)

Last night on So You Think You Can Dance the top 5 girls and the top 5 guys danced in new pairs – with one of our 9 All Stars – and performed solos (Melanie and Marko for the first time).  Joining Nigel and Mary on the judging panel this week was Neil Patrick Harris.  Personally, I thought he did an excellent job of staying pretty level-headed in his criticism and because of that Nigel and Mary both seemed more coherent as well.  Also, just in case you were wondering, tickets for the tour go on sale on July 29th (mom, are you listening?).

Marko & Chelsie danced a pretty smokin' samba.

Marko & Chelsie, Samba, choreographed by Jason Gilkison, performed to “Cinema Italiano” by Kate Hudson: I’m so excited to have a ballroom professional on our stage!  Chelsie looks awesome and by virgue of that, Marko looks really good as well.  He looks like he’s having a great time and is doing a good job of keeping his masculine energy while doing all of those hip swivels.  I loved all of the acrobatics that Jason incorporated into the dance while never losing the Samba of it all.  This really proves that Marko has all of the chops a dancer needs on this show.  I agree with Nigel that Marko didn’t lose any of the chemistry he had with Melanie by changing partners.  I think he did a really good job of keeping up with Chelsie, but man has she become a great dancer in the 4 years since she was on SYTYCD.  I know she was on Dancing With The Stars for a couple of seasons (and I think it’s great that she has been able to be an “expert” on both shows) which probably didn’t hurt her any.

Sasha, “Syrup & Honey” by Duffy: In the first solo of the night, Sasha once again proved that she has the most dynamic, expressive musicality of any performer.  Her solo was simply gorgeous.  I didn’t want it to end.  I love how quirky and charming she is when she dances.  I think she might need to add a few more levels to her performance because she stayed pretty close to the ground most of the time, but it was lovely. Continue reading

Critics Choice Television Award Nominees Announced

Can Cat Deeley make the inaugural Critics Choice Television Awards seem relevant? I guess it's worth a shot.

TV doesn’t have near as many award shows as film.  But never fear, the Broadcast Critics Association is jumping on that bandwagon and filling up the holes left by the Emmys myopic presentation.  The inaugural Critics Choice Television Awards will be presented on June 20th and streamed live on (and aired on ReelzChannel on June 22nd).  Cat Deeley is set to host, which is an excellent decision as she is, by far, the best reality host currently on the air.  The nominees are an almost embarrassment of riches and definitely seem to skew outside of the typical Emmy/Golden Globe nominees which is refreshing.  I’m not surprised.  Critics are far more likely to actually think about who they are nominating rather than going with rating trends or shows that are popular in the media.  Hopefully the winners will be a little varied and new.  However, being a new award, the Critics Choice Television Awards may not hold much weight and could just end up meaning less than nothing for the nominees and winners.  These things take time to gain importance.  Will these awards be a precurser to the Emmy nominees (which are released on July 16th)?  I think I’d be ok with it if they are.  The nominees are after the jump. Continue reading

Monday TV Watch: Nurse Jackie and the How I Met Your Mother Season Finale

I do love O'Hara and Jackie (Eve Best and Edie Falco).

Nurse Jackie (Sho) – What a melancholy episode.  Even Zoey seemed a little down tonight as she struggled to get O’Hara and Jackie to enjoy their lunch with her and gossip about Kelley so she had something to write about on her blog.  The scene when O’Hara, adjusting a tweaked out patient’s drip, was shoved against the wall was completely jarring for me.  This is a woman who lets pretty much everything roll off her back and to see her get overtaken in such a physical, AND emotional, way was sort of devastating.  Jackie’s “nonchalant” urging that she take something for her pain was pretty pathetic (god, she just gets worse and worse) but her supplier was out of supplies when Jackie met up with him for her daily “hug”.  She got pretty desperate with him and he told her he could probably scrounge something up for her at his apartment (to which she was, appropriately, wary of going).  Look, the gargoyle (which her dealer mentioned several times while describing his building to Jackie) falling was a pretty heavy handed sign, but the truck hitting the guy?  That was shocking and totally unexpected (also gross) and Jackie’s reaction was really disturbing.  Well, actually, I take that back.  She did walk away without helping him, however she also didn’t run over to see if he had any pills on him so I guess that’s progress.

Coop (Peter Facinelli) and Thor (Stephen Wallem)

After a season of pretty great one liners and funny subplots (although much as I like Peter Facinelli, I cannot stand Coop and his arrested development story line) this episode was much more introspective.  I’m not sure who the guy Kevin had check out the bar’s plumbing was, but according to Mr. Arnold (I’m going to call the plumber Mr. Arnold because he was played by Dan Lauria from The Wonder Years) Kevin could have had his pick of girls and he chose Jackie.  I find it interesting that Kevin is so proud of having made that choice.  It’s like instead of taking the easy road with the sweet, pretty, unchallenging wife, he went for Jackie, the manipulative drug addict.  I sometimes feel bad for Kevin, but the fact that he owns the choice he made makes me like him a lot more.  Apparently next week, Jackie is going to try to quit the pills, but I doubt it will last long.  I wish it would stick, but I guess the writers have made her addiction the most integral part of her character and without it, how would they define Jackie?  Who is Jackie without her addiction to pills and her lies and deceits?  After three seasons, I think it would be interesting to know the answer to that question.

Best Line – “We need a tox screen and Thor. . . BRING ME MY GIANT!” – O’Hara Continue reading

Monday Night Giggles: Nurse Jackie and How I Met Your Mother

Merritt Wever is genius as Zoey on Nurse Jackie.

Nurse Jackie (Sho): Nurse Jackie may have found its funny bone this season (thanks to MVP Merritt Wever) but the dark place they’ve taken Jackie is not paying off.  She is an addict.  Her family and friends know that she is an addict.  She is still hiding her addiction from them and now has her very own drug dealer who gives her hugs (and drugs) in an attempt to help her hit rock bottom.  But I’m starting to believe there is no rock bottom for this woman.  Her family will never abandon her, she is still good at her job so she’ll never get fired, and she is good at being an addict (meaning, that woman can find a hiding place in an empty room).  I can’t believe that the writers now have Jackie defending other drug addicts to their kids.  She is in such denial about her own situation I think she actually believes she’s a good mother and that the drugs make her a better one.  Good for the kid for not listening to Jackie’s platitudes.  And then she goes and steals drugs from patients?  I don’t know how much longer I can stick with Jackie.  I love the supporting characters (which means I’ll never stop watching the show), but Jackie is just despicable to me.  She thinks she is above everyone and has an attitude that everyone owes her something because she is all-healing Jackie.  The look she gave to O’Hara and Eddie as they went to an event together (as friends) just proves how entitled she feels.  But she is wiley and her husband is an idiot for believing all of her stories (which is too bad because he’s super hot).  Much like Nancy on Weeds, I cannot wait for this house of cards she’s built to come crashing down around her. Continue reading

How I Met Your Mother Has (Legen)Daddy Issues

Barney tries to impress his little brother by breaking a fork in half.

I don’t want to assume that How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have issues with their fathers, but after two story lines this season which focused heavily on father-son relationships how can I not?  Between the death of Marshall’s dad and Barney’s search for his biological father, this season has been all about dads.  Despite the fact that this season has been a little uneven (the Barney’s dad storyline has given me whiplash on numerous occasions – more on that later) I really applaud the writers for taking these kinds of risks.  Clearly it’s paid off as How I Met Your Mother has been renewed for two more seasons. Continue reading