Saying Goodbye to One Tree Hill

Four or five years ago I got a nasty cold that kept me in bed for a week which just so happened to coincide with the delivery of the first disc of One Tree Hill from my Netflix account.  I don’t know where I was when OTH premiered, but I never watched the show before then – The O.C. probably had something to do with it.  You will never hear me claim that One Tree Hill is a “good” show.  For the most part the writing was stilted, the acting a bit wooden from time to time, the plots ridiculous and every single scene was practically drowned out by the undercurrent of indie music.  However, in watching the series finale last night, I made a few observations that have given me a sort of appreciation for it.

– It was addictive.  That first week, I watched basically the entire first and second seasons back-to-back – I couldn’t stop.  One episode after another went down like candy.  This was before Instant Netflix, so I even walked myself over to my local Blockbuster and rented the discs I didn’t have.  I was hooked immediately on this little story about two half brothers who played basketball.  I didn’t even like basketball.  Or Chad Michael Murray (he of the very questionable hair choices and ever-present squint).  But for some reason, I just couldn’t stop until I’d seen all the episodes.  I recently had some time on my hands and decided to go back and watch the school shooting episode and it sucked me in all over again (no joke – I literally cannot stop watching). Continue reading

TV News Roundup: Little Blips

Jason Dohring

Honestly, my heart started beating a little faster at the news that Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars) is going to be back on TV this fall.  [EW]

My relief that One Tree Hill is going to be over is tempered by my disappointment that Chad Michael Murray will be returning sans Hilarie Burton.  Apparently she wasn’t “invited back”.  Ummm, right.  Or else, she just had better things to do.  [TVLine]

Oh Judy Greer.  I adore you.  I think you are one of the funniest women on the planet.  Why must you be on a show that I REALLY don’t want to watch?  [Vulture]

Here’s a list of 13 “stars” I won’t be watching dance this fall.  [TVLine]

Despite being crazier than crazy, the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards hit an all time ratings high.  [Deadline]

Entertainment Weekly has a slideshow of the new crop of Amazing Race contestants.  I can already tell you that my favorite team are twins Liz and Marie Canavan because Marie answered the current occupation question with “soul searching” and that is awesome.  [EW]