Weekend Binge: “Gilmore Girls” Season 4

Not every mom will spend your first night at college buying food for your entire dorm.

Not every mom will spend your first night at college buying food for your entire dorm.

It’s not that I didn’t watch Gilmore Girls when it was airing, just that it wasn’t “must-see-TV” for me at the time. THANK GOD for Netflix and the ability to watch all 7 seasons online! I especially love all of the things I notice watching the episodes in huge chunks instead of spread out over the course of the season. For example, I never realized how little emphasis was placed on romantic relationships on this show, especially during season 4. Sure, they were there. Lorelai (Lauren Graham) dated her father’s business partner, Jason/Digger and Rory (Alexis Bledel) dealt with the aftermath of Jess and another ramp up with Dean, but for the most part, season 4 was all about ladies doing it for themselves. Continue reading

Top 5: Favorite Episodes of Friends

Ross: Your money's mine, Green. Rachel: Your fly's open, Geller.

Ross: Your money’s mine, Green.
Rachel: Your fly’s open, Geller.

Friends is pretty much my favorite sitcom of all time which is why, when I came up with the concept of doing a Top 5 every week, I decided to start with my top 5 favorite Friends episodes. Let’s get the toughest Top 5 out of the way first.

In no particular order:


"That's MS. Chanandler Bong to you!"

“That’s MS. Chanandler Bong to you!”

1. The One with the Embryos (Season 4) – It is the heaviness of the A plot – Phoebe being implanted with her brother and sister-in-law’s embryos – in combination with the utter ridiculousness of the B plot – the quiz to win Monica’s apartment and the seriousness with which everyone approaches it – that puts this episode on my top 5.

Could I BE wearing any more clothes?

Could I BE wearing any more clothes?

2. The One where No One’s Ready (Season 3) – No one does bottle episodes better than Friends and this was probably one of their best (the other being “The One where Ross Got High”). Every plot in this episode is firing on all cylinders and they all dovetail to the same end.

3. The One with All the Poker (Season 1) – I love the way all of the friends come together to show Rachel their support at the end. And the rhythm of the comedy in that final poker game is just killer.

4. The One where Ross Got High (Season 6) – I have Mrs. Gellar’s speech memorized. It never fails to make me laugh.

Friends-the-one-with-the-morning-after2 Friends_the-one-with-the-morning-after5. The One with the Morning After (Season 3) – The episode that gave us “We were on a BREAK!” and yet still made me cry.

Sure, these are a little early series heavy, but what are you gonna do. Those are my Top 5.

Face Off: Rick Baker Judges the first Spotlight Challenge


This gallery contains 12 photos.

In general, I was a little bored by this challenge. Despite the fact that the artists were working in teams of 4 to create 3 creatures AND got an extra day after the twist primate was added, there was minimal … Continue reading

Parks & Recreation: Is it normal to sob during a sitcom?

Last night’s episode of Parks & Recreation made me sob. No joke, total ugly cry on my couch. P&R has always sort of been the little sitcom that could and part of its success lies in its balance of over-the-top ridiculousness with honest human emotion. Last night’s episode was a perfect example of this.  Continue reading

Dear Susan: Jimmy Kimmel takes over The Bachelor

You have to admit, boy has a nice smile.


Dear Susan,

Because Jimmy Kimmel has a nighttime talk show on ABC he got to ruin the greatest love story of our time (between Farmer Chris and 18 ladies) by inserting himself into the date planning process and talking about trying to have sex with all of the ladies. It was weird and gross and uncomfortable. But at the same time, he sent Chris and Kaitlyn on a date to Costco so there was that. Continue reading

Weekend Binge: The Fall Season 2

Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson

Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson

The Fall on Netflix (originally for the BBC) is the perfect show to binge-watch. There are only 6 episodes in season 2 (11 episodes total) and they are all complex and completely engrossing. It’s the perfect length to spread out a full view over the course of the weekend and still get in some actual activity. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you’ll need a little break from the tension every once in a while. If you haven’t seen the first season, go watch it now. Then watch the second season. Then come back here and read the rest of my commentary. Continue reading

Music Video Appreciation: Maroon 5, Sugar

I’m not going to believe for one second that the surprise of Maroon 5 showing up to perform their new single, “Sugar”, at a bunch of weddings was as spontaneous and unexpected as this video makes it out to be. I’ve worked in production and the amount of set up required to pull this off is pretty extensive. But, knowing that does not preclude my ability to get pure joy out of the authenticity of the shock on the bride & groom’s faces when the curtain pops down and reveals Maroon 5 rocking out.

The video is smooth, it’s fun, it’s glamorous and it does the song justice. A little bit of sunshine in these winter months.

Face Off: New Season, New Show

Rayce, Anthony, Laura and McKenzie welcome the new Face Off Contestants to season 8!

There is no greater challenge to competition reality shows than staying fresh. Most shows rely on new episode challenges and contestants to do this for them, but the smart shows know that it’s often better to change up the structure of the competition itself and Face Off is no dummy. For season 8, instead of just having new contestants “facing off” against each other to create the most magical, horrific, beautiful and creative creatures, they have been placed into three teams led by former winners, Rayce Bird (Season 2), Anthony Kosar (Season 4) and Laura Tyler (Season 5). Continue reading